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Clubs and Organizations

Students at the Irish Gifted Academy are encouraged to participate in any of the athletic or extracurricular  activities available to them. Some of these opportunities are provided at IGA while others are offered through  the student’s base school. It is through participation in school activities that students can develop poise, social  awareness, and leadership skills. Students who become involved in different activities within the school usually experience a greater sense of belonging and have a greater feeling of loyalty to the system. Some activities  involve after-school practices and meetings; others may involve meetings before the official start of the day.  Students should talk with teachers, sponsors, coaches, and other students to determine the activities available and best suited to them. Please refer to Athletics/Extra-Curricular Activities section for eligibility requirements. 


Students who participate in extracurricular activities will receive an Athletic Code of Conduct Handbook from  his/her coach at try-outs for the sport in which they are trying out. Parents and students will be expected to read,  sign, and adhere to the contents of the Athletic Handbook and Code of Conduct and to the decisions of the team  coach. The athlete is expected to be a positive role model for other students and athletes; to be respectful of  those in authority; to attend school regularly and to be punctual to school and class; to demonstrate good  sportsmanship at all times; to accept the decisions of officials without question; and to avoid displays of  individual self-glorification, always putting the team first. Through each student’s base school, a balanced  athletic program is available to students at IGA. For Middle Grades, athletic opportunities are offered in:  Football, Cross Country, Fast-Pitch Softball, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Track and Field, Tennis,  Cheerleading, and Wrestling. Please note the following: 

  • Student athletes who have attendance or discipline issues are at risk of suspension or dismissal  from the team. This suspension or dismissal is at the discretion of the coach and/or principal. 
  • Student athletes who are in jeopardy of failing to maintain the academic requirements of IGA are  also at risk of suspension or dismissal from the team. This suspension or dismissal is at the  discretion of the coach and/or principal.  
  • Coaches will monitor student attendance and grades throughout the season.  
  • Students must be present at school the day of any scheduled game, meet, or competition in order  to participate.  


Dublin City Schools offer a wide range of activities to all students. Participation in these activities on an  interscholastic level is governed by rules of the Georgia High School Association and Georgia State Standards.  In general, students are eligible to participate when he/she . . . 

  1.  Has passed 5 of 6 classes the previous semester. 
  2. Is also not playing for any non-school team at the same time – this includes travel ball.
  3. A player must not reach his/her 15th birthday prior to May 1 preceding their 8th grade year. A player must  not reach his/her 14th birthday prior to May 1 preceding their 7th grade year. 
  4. Has a current physical examination on file with the team coach. 
  5. Has not participated in any unauthorized game or contest. 

Students are eligible to participate in athletics for three consecutive years from their original date of entry into  the sixth grade, as long as they remain on track academically and remain in good attendance and behavioral  standing. 


Dublin City Schools has approved clubs and organizations for the school year. Some of these club or  organization opportunities are provided at IGA while others are offered through the student’s base school. IGA  parents or students can contact their student’s base school directly for details such as meeting times, costs  associated with club membership, and the names of the advisors. Please note: Clubs, organizations, and  memberships vary at each base school and for a variety of possible reasons, the list is subject to change.