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Parent Volunteers

At IGA, we strongly encourage our parents to volunteer at the school or in school activities.

We believe that  when students see their parents active in the school environment and it reinforces the connection between school  and home.

Anyone who serves as a chaperone and works independently with our students must be fingerprinted  for a background check. The minimal cost of the background check is the responsibility of the parent.  Background checks must be done at the beginning of the school year or at least 2 weeks prior to the chaperoned  event.

Parents will have many opportunities to volunteer their time both at school and at home. Volunteer and  chaperone opportunities and sign-ups will be available throughout the school year.

Parents are asked to dress in  an appropriate manner when participating in events on campus. Yoga pants, running shorts, jeans with holes,  leggings/jeggings, athletic pants, tank tops, crop tops and sports bras are not appropriate. Hats should be  removed while in the building.

All parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer a minimum of 20 service hours  per school year.

Please remember that anyone associated with a family can volunteer on behalf of a child as long  as the background check has been approved by administration.

Never use volunteer hours as an opportunity to  meet with a teacher or other staff members concerning your child as this interrupts the school day and classroom  learning opportunities. Schedule an appointment if necessary.